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A cage for your Chinchilla is likely to be the biggest purchase you will make for them. There are certain factors you will need to take on board when purchasing the cage, and it is strongly advised that you have everything in place before you bring your new Chinchilla home.

  • You need to ensure the cage you select provides your Chinchilla(s) with a mimimum of 2 cubic feet per animal.
  • If purchasing a wire cage, you need to ensure that there are areas of solid flooring, such as shelves to allow the Chinchill(s) somewhere to stand off the mesh. This is to avoid them developing sore feet.
  • The cage ideally needs to be large enough to accomodate shelves at different levels to sit on and jump on. Chinchillas especially love jumping between places.
  • The cage must be large enough that there are seperate areas for feeding, sleeping and a toilet area. You also need to include a sand bath.
  • Most importantly, ensure the cage is going to keep the Chinchilla(s) contained when you cannot be with them. Plastic cages especially can easily be chewed to make gaps!


Now, I have always done the best I can for my animals, and just recently it occurred to me that I really should try and provide them with a better home. So what better way to go about it, than a custom made cage? Time to call in the experts (Dad, afterall he is a lot cheaper!!!) and get designing!

If you are interested in seeing how the project panned out with lots of pictures, click on the link below to read the building diary!

BUILDING THE CONDO(click to read)