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With the introduction of a new animal to the gang, it seems logical to keep a diary and document the progress. But first, a bit of back ground may be useful.

When I was 5, I started keeping hamsters, I had 3 over the years, Sunny, sawdust and then snoopy. Next came the Jerds. After Snoopy died, my mum had been in the local shopping centre and saw this very large gerbil looking creature (Jerd) in the pet shop, and took me to give her a home, and so Jessie came home to us. Next came Jinx and Jo, and finally Salt and Pepper. By this time I was 16 and found a new rodent – degus. And so Gizmo came home to live with us, and even had excursions onto the hallway with Salt and Pepper, but as Salt and Pepper were girls, Gizmo had to live on his own. Sadly Gizmo died just under a year later, but I was hooked, and soon Gromit came to live with us, but by this time I wanted to know more, and so the research began. 9 months later, and Marmalade, the gentlest Degu I ever had came to live with Gromit, and the two were quickly inseparable. The next logical step was the introduction of this website, and so DeguWorld was born.

Now all my research meant that when marmalade was a year old, Charlie came to join the gang. Sadly when Charlie was a year old he became too aggressive, and had to be re-homed, so we made the journey from Bristol to Birmingham to give Charlie a new home, now that’s called devoted! So what next? Dillan and Dougal, brothers came to join the group. Gromit adopted Dillan, and Marmalade adopted Dougal. All was happy until a tragic accident between dillan and marmalade meant marmalade had to be put down. All the degus missed him, but gromit the most, and even though he had the two younger ones, he passed away about 2 months later. So what was the solution? Get two more baby degus of course! So Harry and Houdini came home.

Whats the next step? Due to the research around Degus, I was growing increasingly interested in chinchillas. They were classed as the closest related species to degus, and even known to share burrows in the wild. They seemed compatable, and so with the fiancé persuaded, a 15 week old male chinchilla came home and set up home in the next door cage. And so the chinchilla diaries began!

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