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24th August 2006

Mungo, as the new chinchilla has been named came home to us yesterday evening, and set up home in a two tier cage next to the large three tier degu condo. Degus were all fascinated, and spent several hours clamboring over each other to look at the strange neighbour. Mungo wasn’t bothered by these miniature creatures and left them be, but when he began to get lonely, he was found curled up next to the partition wall.

Well tonight was the first real outing for mungo, and he was given the run of the sofa for the evening, under supervision of course. After an hour of running about, with me continually leaping to prevent falling down the back of sofa, or bids of freedom onto the floor, mungo is tired, but my fiancé is due home, so mungo stayed out since he would only have to be got out again otherwise. But mungo is really tired! Solution? Go to sleep on the sofa of course! Naturally, when you have a baby animal cuddled up next to you sound asleep, your heart totally melts. Mungo is part of the family!!

26th August 2006

Harry comes out for a cuddle, but the others are making so much noise that mungo is wide awake, seems like an ideal opportunity to attempt an initial meeting. So the hallway is degu/chinchilla proved, and the degus go into their travel box (well you try carrying 4 degus and a chinchilla in your hands alone!) the first meeting seems to go well. Harry and Houdini are rather interested in mungos tail, but a quick swish and its out of harms way. After 15 mins Dougal has a strop. No reason, just a general strop, unfortunately this is by mungo, who get the brunt of it. But when something less than half your size is having a go at you, you don’t really stand for it, so one kick to jump out of the way and mungo is back on my lap looking rather unimpressed at the animal now taking it out on his cage mates! Still, initial meeting seems good! Lets not push it though! Back to the cage for now!

27th August 2006

Scheduled inter-species meeting is postponed for the day due to pissy degus!!! In the evening however things are more settled, and Mungo is up early. So the hallway is set up once more, the degus go into their travel box, and we go upstairs. Again, the meeting is relatively smooth. I feel now that Dougal is somewhat scared of Mungo, as he squeals at him, and then runs away, rather than trying to fight. Mungo seems equally unhappy with Dougal, but I let things carry on for a good 15 mins before taking Mungo away and the degus go home. Its going well, but I think its going to be a good week of introductions before a proper balance is established.

29th August 2006

Have had to change the meeting place.

Mungo had learnt that he can jump over the giant mirror that was used to block the top of the stairway to have a secure hallway in which the degus and chinchilla could meet. So now we have moved into the bathroom. Meeting goes very well, all animals are getting on fine, so they are all moved into the travel cage together, brought back to where the cages are, and all given the choice to go into the main cage. However at this point something goes wrong. Mungo feels pressured by an over interested Dillan, and after a few minutes of rushing around the cage is glad of the offered open cage door and a return to his "mum".

Still, nobody was hurt at all, and it was all verbal really, so fingers crossed this is the start of acceptance for Mungo and the degus!!! fingers crossed anyway!

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