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This month has seen on a human note myself now with a job, and so the time devoted to the Chins AND the Degus has been somewhat lessened, confined to the evenings and weekends. However I don't think it has affected them adversely, the house is quiet in the day which suits the Chins just fine, and they can still have their run about in the evenings.

The major event of February is something I feel is rather important to share with readers. About a week or so ago I was returning the Chins to their cage after their evening run, and discovered that Ripley had very swollen genitals. naturally, being a caring owner I was instantly worried, and out came the resource books! I discovered that Ripley had what is commonly referred to as a Hair Ring. Due to the denseness of Chinchilla hair, it can become wrapped around the penis, causing it to become swollen and red. Thankfully Ripley didn't seem at all bothered by this, just a little bemused as to why "mum" wanted to play with that particular part of his anatomy! Due to the time of day that we discovered the hair ring, and having to be at work the following day, my own long suffering mum got a phone call and a request to visit the local supermarket and purchase a tube of KY jelly! I panicked all day long that Ripley would be suffering and in pain, so the second I was in the door the next evening I was straight to the cage to check on him. The little sod was sound asleep, not at all fussed!

The next part was getting my fiance to hold Ripley securely on his back while I applied a small blog of the lubricant to said area and massaged! Problem solved! Since then I have made sure there is an emergency Chin First Aid kit available at all times, and the boys get a quick look over every evening! I don't plan on going through that panic or worry again!

Away from the issue of the hair ring, the month has been a quiet one. The living room is now much more Chin proof than before (following last months discoveries) and the boys are enjoying their evening outings. The raisin giving has been greatly reduced much to the dislike of Mungo, but I would far rather have a grumpy healthy Chin that runny poos all over the house!

So apologies that this is such a short entry this month, all is well with the chin family, and so nothing major to report! But I promise I will be back again next month with more news.

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