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1st JANUARY 2007

And so we start 2007!

Ripley has been with us for nearly a month now. He is still not allowed to run about in the evenings with Mungo, but is quite content it seems to cuddle up in the crook of an arm. The other day we managed nearly 40 minutes like this, and I am sure he would have stayed longer if it was not for the fact that I was in need of a toilet visit!

20th JANUARY 2007

Ripley has blackened his copy book just a week or so into being allowed the freedom of running around!

Mungo was getting increasingly concerned in the evening that he wasnt allowed to run around the living room with his cage mate, coming up to me cuddling Ripley and looking to check he was alright, so we felt it was time to let Ripley have short excursions of his own. These worked so well that he soon felt he didnt want to cuddle at all, far preferring the freedom of rushing about, sneaking up on Mungo, and planning flying attacks onto him from above the sofa! However, several proplems have since occurred.

Problem one has been easily fixed, but is something I will relate here for other owners to share in the experience. A reward system developed at the time in the evening when we wanted to return the Chinchillas to their cage where we gave them one or two raisins once they were back in the cage. The result? well, running around the other night Ripley was doing his usual pooing for England routine, much to the annoyance of the other half who found Ripley had pooed all over his brand new Xbox 360 driving wheel! He went to wipe them off to find they were rather runny to say the least! Yippee, chinchilla diorrhea!!! A quick check of the resource books, one piece of very burnt toast offerred later, and the problem was solved! So now we really will keep to the rule of occasional treats only!

30th JANUARY 2007

Once more Ripley is in trouble! and once again it envolves the other half and his Xbox 360 driving wheel! I was happily sat in the living room with my chins while other half was upstairs setting up driving wheel on a table with a chair to have the "ultimate gaming experience" (his words not mine) About an hour of this "setting up" later, and I hear a shout. After returning the boys to their cage I go to investigate. It would seem, the "setting up" really did take that long, but now he was ready to play. but couldnt!!! It would seem that Ripley had taken a fancy to one of the wires that connect the wheel to the pedals (dont ask, he really is a little crazy about driving games). So although he could steer the wheel, he couldnt drive!! Oh dear! thankfully it wasnt a live wire so we didnt have an electrocuted Chin to worry about, just a very cross other half who proceeded to threaten a very laid back chin through the bars of the cage!

And so we bow out of the first month of January, and I find myself wondering if Ripley is going to cause this many problems next month! come back soon to find out!

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