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MARCH 2007

And finally, just possibly, Spring may be nearly upon us.

Ripley weighed in at the start of the month at 400g. Last night (27th) he weighed in at 460g, while Mungo last night weighed in at 402g. I am still unsure as to what weight we should be expecting with Ripley. Both of his parents were very large, his Dad reaching 600g at full adult weight when he was 2 years old. I cant limit his intake of food as he shares a cage with Mungo, and therefore to limit Ripley would limit Mungo.

Throughout the month the habit of letting the Chins out for a while in the evening has continued. After dinner has been cleared away and the room is tidy and Chin proof, we open the cage door and let the boys out. Ripley has increasingly decided not to venture further than the open cage door, while Mungo being the maniac that he is has his usual rushing around the living room session. However, given the rapid speed at which Ripley is gaining weight, we have now decided it is important to make sure he actually comes out of the cage for half an hour, without the opportunity to return. He is therefore very happy when we open the kitchen door and give him access back to the cage. He has proved without training to be excellent at returning to his cage at this point, and so a large metal tin is placed by the open cage door to allow him to get in on his own!

And so the highlights for this month have been varied. Ripley has without fail returned to his cage as soon as the door is opened, making "putting the chins to bed" a relatively pain free task. On a low note, last week while running a quiz night for a local school, we found the power lead to my laptop had been nibbled! Thankfully not past the plastic protective coating, but once more its a worry that one of the Chins has a perchant for wires!

Last night saw Mungo in one of his typically mischievous moods. He found a little cardboard box packet, and figured there would be raisins in it, and so ran off with it. After chasing him under the dining table to retrieve the box, I showed him that sadly there were no raisins to be found within, it was a packet of paracetamol! Clearly unhappy at this development he proceeded to beg for the "raisins in the box" until it was opened fully for him to have a look inside himself just to be sure! At this point, a rather unhappy little chin went for a further explore around the living room, and to his delight found an ACTUAL raisin box! I watched him at this point as he was sat on the dining table delighting in his find. When I approached to take the box away, Mungo resisted, and made a valiant attempt to leg it with the box!!! After all of this hard work I only felt it fair to reward him with the desired treat which he happily munched far too quickly, and was soon on my lap looking for more!

And so we bow out of March with a rather large Ripley and a contented Mungo. Back next month with more!