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September saw Mungo settling into the family, introductions between Mungo and the Degus went well to begin with, as you can read below.

10th NOVEMBER 2006

As I reported last month, the introductions with the Degus were delayed. I am sorry to say that they really arent going to start again I dont think. Poor Dougal cant cope with the idea of this big animal coming anywhere near him, and so rather than stress them all we are starting the search for a companion for Mungo. I am very much an owner who wants to ensure the best for my pets, and so rather than see them living on their own if living in a group would be better for them, I will make the sacrifices necessary. I would hope that the people reading this would feel the same about their own pets!

The month so far has been quiet, we are very much settling into a routine now. Mungo wakes up in the evening usually about the time I am making dinner. He then proceeds to sit at the door of his cage, as you can see from the picture, until he is let out to run around! Getting him home again is another matter!

19th NOVEMBER 2006

Further to my comment above, Mungo has been proving a little difficult in getting to return to his cage. Let me explain more!

Our living room is set up so that a 3 seater sofa runs along the longest wall, while a 2 seater sofa sits in front of a shelving unit that is itself against the other wall. The two sofas then form an inverted L shape. Mungo then loves to rush into the living room when he is let out of an evening, making a sharp turn right to run down behind the two seater sofa and along behind the 3 seater sofa. This on its own is not a problem. Or rather it wasnt until we discovered just what he was up to while behind that 3 seater sofa! You need to keep in mind that we live in a rented house, and currently cant put up any of our pictures. So they are stored conveniently behind the sofa! (Im sure some of you can guess where this is going) Anyway, Mungo it seems has been happily sitting behind the sofa on these pictures, and as they are at a handy point, he has been nibbling the corners! Not really a problem until we found this included a 2 foot picture of Uluru, bought the day me and the other half got engaged!!! So what to do? Being the hands on craft person that I am, I have now fashioned from cardboard, two large triangles with tabs. These fit perfectly between the end of the sofa and the wall, effectively sealing the gap and preventing Mungo from getting there at all! Problem solved!

I should add, once I had created these barriers, we let Mungo out to check their effectiveness. I have never seen anything more amusing. As usual he rushed out into the living room and looked around. Ran right up to the sofa, and looked thoroughly confused that he could progress no further! At this point, as he had already had a run around I went to pick him up and return him home. Mungo bless him was having none of this! And quick dash off and he would be free! However he had not taken into account that his usual escape route was blocked! A flash of grey fur came to a rather abrupt halt when he head butted one of the pieces of cardboard!!!

ah well! come back next month for more news!

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