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September saw Mungo settling into the family, introductions between Mungo and the Degus went well to begin with, as you can read below.

1st September 2006

I decided today to delay the introductions of Mungo to the Degu clan. It was going fine when meeting in neutral territory such as the bathroom, and even went amazingly well when all 5 ended up sitting in the travel box. However as soon as the cage environment was once again introduced, chaos broke out. Dillan would become very territorial, while Mungo was just desperate to leave again.

I tried just popping Harry, as the smallest and gentlest of Degus into Mungo's cage during a clean out, its a rather strange site to see an animal run away from something less than half its size, grunt at it, and then attempt to wee on it! Poor Harry quickly returned to the open cage door where I was waiting, with the distinct look of, "well whatever upset him Im not sticking around to get peed on again!!!"

So for now the introductions have stopped. Mungo needs time to settle down, and the Degus are quite happy not meeting the giant living next door. I am not giving up, the neutral territory meetings will still take place, but for now I will keep it at that.

6th September 2006

I took Mungo to visit my fiances mum and sister this evening. Im not sure who loved it more, Mungo or the women!! He had the run of the sofa with lots of attention, and of course, a camera to catch the moment. After 40 minutes of exploring he was clearly tired, but found a suitable place to sleep, right there on the sofa! How sweet. But I decided to take him home to the safety of his cage for a proper rest. When I let him in, he went straight to the sand bath, where he always goes after exploring, and just stayed there! As you can see from the photo, not even me with the camera was going to disturb him!

10th September 2006

Mungo was the centre of attention this evening when friends came to visit. However I think it was all a little overwhelming for the little chap, as it took to sitting on the far side of the room watching everyone rather than going to see them. Maybe a little bit too much too soon I think! Although Im not sure who was more unhappy, Mungo with all the volume of people talking (true there were only 6 people in the room, but when you are only little that can be VERY noisy!) or the person sat patiently on the floor wanting to say hello and being studiously ignored!

11th September 2006

Time to get Mungo more used to wearing a harness. This is due to his general enthusiasm and speed. I bought a fully adjustable soft rabbit harness, let him have a good sniff and taste, then popped it on. No problems, he seems fine with it, and best of all, when he heads off somewhere really not suitable for him, such as under the sofa, I can stop him without scaring or hurting him. Time enough for me to then gather him up for a cuddle!

Decided it was also a good opportunity to get used to short journeys in the animal carrier. Went 10 minutes up the road to visit parents, instantly lost Mungo to the father who demanded he cuddled him, Mungo responded by pooing on him! well alls fair in love and war as they say!

13th September 2006

We gave Mungo a sock buddy as a companion since he isnt going to be living with the Degus any time soon, for a while he just ignored it, but this morning, when I came to say hello to the Degus, I found Mungo cuddled up to his chinchilla substitute asleep!

A sock buddy is for an animal kept on its own. Its simply an old sock stuffed with tissue and offered in the bed of the animal. Looks like its working well in this case!

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