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Generally speaking Chinchillas are not very loud animals, but occasionally they will become more vocal, especially when communicating with each other.

While I cannot claim to be anything close to a "Doctor Dolittle" I can provide you with samples of the sounds that my two Chinchillas have made, and the moods/behaviour that accompanied them. It is usually agreed by Chinchillas breeders and owners that there are a range of sounds that can be associated to different feelings that the Chinchilla may be feeling, and these are listed here complete with a sound file. Click on the play button to hear each one in turn.

Chinchilla Bark      

Normally a Chincilla will make this sound when alarmed, or cross about something. I have never heard Mungo make the sound, but Ripley makes it frequently! However, after contacting his breeder, it seems that in the case of Ripley this isnt made because he is alarmed or cross, his mother did the same thing, its just a quirk that he has! Although having said that, on the occasion that I made this recording, there was a real reason for the sound. I was sat on the floor of the living room and Ripley made the sound. I got the recorder out and asked Ripley to make the sound again. I got the sound file, but Ripley kept up the fuss. Upon inspection it was revealed he really WAS cross, he was stuck in a plastic box he had got into and couldnt climb out of!!!