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I have kept lots of different small pets over the years, but have found Degus are by far the most rewarding.  There is a lot of contradicting information available on the net, and having spoken to my local vet, I have made this site (with a lot of extra help)!! in an attempt to bring all of the different ideas together, and provide what I hope is a concise reference point.

SITE UPDATED!   25/04/07     BRAND NEW SISTER WEBSITE:         Chinchilla World!!!!         


If you already have a Degu, or are looking to get one in the future, then I hope that the information provided will enrich their lives, and make them even more fun to keep!

The website has now been going for over three years! Thankyou to everyone for all your help and advice in making this one of the best Degu websites around!!  The information you find on this website is from my own personal experience, and the experiences of those people who have contacted me.  I cannot stress enough however, that if you are worried about your pet, take it to a vet!!  The people related to this site are not trained, so if in doubt, contact a vet!


I am very pleased to say that this website also has a steadily growing forum. With over 300 members at the last count, the forum is a good place to go for help and advice, or just a chat!  The forum has been going for a little while now, people from all over the world are joining up, why not take a look and find some new friends who actually know what a Degu is!  There is a general meeting place, dedicated pages to breeding, feeding, housing and accessories, as well as plenty of questions and answers, and a suggestions page.  Plus, there is the market place if you are looking for a home or willing to provide one to another Degu. 

Welcome to our website. We have put up with lots of photos, and deserve some recognition!