Please choose the test to load from EXISTING_MODELS, then press Load. To run the simulation, press Setup (to clear the graph) then Go.

Description of Microscopic Tests


Test Conditions

Expected Result


Single-lane road with one stopped vehicle.

Vehicles should slow as they approach the stopped vehicle and stop moving when exactly one block behind.


Single-lane repeating road with few vehicles.

Vehicles should free-flow continuously.


Single-lane repeating road with many vehicles.

Vehicles should form a traffic jam that moves backwards in the space-time diagram.


Two-lane repeating road with one stopped vehicle.

Vehicles should move out a lane to pass the stopped vehicle, and then optionally move back a lane.


Single-lane repeating road with one traffic light.

Vehicles should stop without moving past the light when it is red. Vehicles behind should stop in queue.


Single-lane road that turns left/right then traffic light.

Vehicles should turn and obey the light. If red, vehicles should queue back around the corner.


Two-lane repeating with HOV lane.

Vehicles with no passengers should stay out of the HOV lane.


Single-lane road with left junction.

Most vehicles should drive on but some should turn into the side road.